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October auditions for Paper Mill Broadway Show Choir:

Upcoming October auditions for the Paper Mill Playhouse Broadway Show Choir: don’t let the beat of opportunity pass you by!

By Rich McNanna

Show Choir 1

This blogger had the pleasure, a few months ago, of covering the conclusion of the Paper Mill Playhouse Broadway Show Choir’s 2015-2016 season.* I always found it paradoxical that institutions of art and education terminate in the spring and are reborn in the fall, but irony aside, some important points deserve attention this October; the group I noted as a “showcase of New Jersey’s finest singers and stage performers aged 16 to 22” is about to be cast again, and the following call has been made:

If you are a young New Jersey performer looking for the chance of a lifetime, your shot at an audition for the Paper Mill Playhouse Broadway Show Choir’s 2016-2017 season cast is here.

-- First, the essential audition information.

Auditions will be held Sunday, October 16th through Tuesday October 18th (evenings) with callbacks and makeups slated for Sunday, October 23. This year, applicants must be age fifteen as of November 1 to qualify.

The official application form may be found at, and by clicking on the link “online audition form.” The audition form is fast and easy; and while resumes will be accepted at auditions, applicants are asked to note any previous performance experience and provide a brief narrative of why they wish to participate in the group, on the form.

Additional information may be found by calling 973.315.1640.

-- Now, “why” you should consider this.

Students, this is a no-brainer. As stated in my previous blog, there is absolutely no charge for participating in this group, the venues in which the group performs are prominent and diverse, and each member is provided individual, expert instruction in both voice and dance. And the camaraderie within this group is palpable; yes, each individual on stage exhibits talent and craftsmanship, but the energy which exudes from the collective whole during each performance – for which I’ve seen now more than once – cannot be the product of anything less than youthful exuberance and a commitment to one and all wrapped up in one. Friendships are certainly forged, and the tone of the group is humble and gracious.

And in participating with the group, cast members know their efforts will be as enriching to others as they are to themselves for the Broadway Show Choir altruistically plays many benefit performances and are considered ambassadors for the important, and now Tony-Award winning regional powerhouse, Paper Mill Playhouse.

Show Choir 2

-- Conclusion.

If you, or someone you know, is an interested candidate, do not delay in going to or calling 973.315.1640 to set up an audition. The clock is ticking; don’t let the beat of opportunity pass you by.

* See the blog entry entitled “Paper Mill Show Choir Performs Soon” in the list of past posts on the Paper Mill Playhouse website. 

All photos c/o Rich Mcnanna
Richard McNanna


Having originally hailed from Newark and a graduate of Seton Hall University, Rich McNanna grew up a stone’s throw from Paper Mill Playhouse in Springfield, NJ. Now a teacher in and resident of Westfield, he and his wife and son experience theater, music, and art with the same vigor as they do baseball. Paper Mill Playhouse is one of their favorite destinations.